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This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Ryan Bourgeous who was born in Arizona on April 27, 1979 and passed away on September 26, 2005 at the age of 26. We will remember him forever.

..."It ain't fair you died too young, Like a story that had just begun, But death tore the pages all away.  God knows how I miss you, all the hell that I've been through , just knowing, No one can ever take your place. Sometimes I wonder, Who you'd be today?"......

We will never know why you left us Ryan, And that may be one of the hardest parts. You had so much more to give to this world.  You were loved by so many, Mom, Julie, Chris, Brittany, Dylan, Jeff, Liz, Brooklynn, Joshy, and so many more than you know.  We all miss you dearly.

As you experience Ryan's site feel free to share your memories, thought, stories, or prayers, and to light a candle in his remembrence.  Also please visit his brother Josh's site at



We little knew that morning that God
          Was going to call your name.
       In life we loved you dearly,
            In death we do the same.
       It broke our hearts to lose you,
          You did not go alone;
          For part of us went with you
       The day God called you home
       You left us peaceful memories
          Your love is still our guide;
     And though we cannot see you,
           You are always at our side
     Our family chain is broken,
       And nothing seems the same;
         But as God calls us, one by one,
           Our chain will link again

Broken Chain- author unknown
read at Ryan's funeral

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Tributes and Condolences
To my sweet RyRy   / Kelli (Sister)
Ryan, You were my best friend.  I miss you more than I can say.  Although I will never know exactly what happend that dreadful night, I know that you are no longer battling yourself as you were here. Maybe Josh needed you more in ...  Continue >>
That time of year again   / Kelli (Sister)
So here I am again, It's September 12th 2008. This time of year is so hard on me, even harder than the holidays.    Not a day goes by that I don't think of you, or Josh, or how desperately bad I wish you were both still here. ...  Continue >>
"the fatheads" wallking in your memory   / Kelli (Sister)
On June 21st and 22nd Julie, Dylan and I, plus whoever else joins us will be participating in a 20 mile overnight walk in support of suicide and mental illness awarness and prevention.  I am so excited!  We are doing this in honor of Ryan, ...  Continue >>
2 years later   / Jeff (Brother)
I keep thinking of all the fun times we used to have together. I miss hanging out and talking with you. You had the biggest heart of anyone I have ever known. I wish there was some way for you to make me understand why this happened.I woul...  Continue >>
sorry for the loss   / Mark Eisensee (friend)
we had some great times man
So Very Sorry for Your Loss  / Melissa Eiler (Visitor~Daughter of Irwin & Renee Eiler )    Read >>
airplane trip  / Kathy (mom)    Read >>
To Bruised to be touched  / Kelli (sister)    Read >>
Time / Liz Harwood (sister-in-law)    Read >>
Ryan, / Jenny (Friend)    Read >>
I Miss  / Kathy (MOM)    Read >>
Brooklynn and MEME  / Kathy (MOM)    Read >>
Stanza / Jeff (Brother)    Read >>
Dylan Thomas Revisited  / Jeff (Brother)    Read >>
An excerpt from The Healing Of Sorrow  / A. Friend     Read >>
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His legacy
author unknown  





Everytime I smell garlic......  
Ryan could cook.   He had this unbelievable natural ability to turn anything, even nothing, into the best thing you ever tasted.  Although when he was younger I can remember his cooking not being quite as fabulous, Does anyone else remember the baking soda cookies?  It seemed every job he had cooking, That he magicly transformed the restaraunt, Into something much better than it was before.  Poor mom last winter when he was on break from orleans trail, The master chef never quit baking, Everyday he made some new cookie, pie, rice-krispie treat concotion. I think we all gained about 20 pounds. I will never again be able to smell garlic with out thinking of Ry, He always smelled like it when he came home from work.  I used to think it stunk , But now I love the smell.
The daughter he never had  

When I was pregant with Brooklynn, Ryan wouldn't even touch my stomach to feel the baby kick, I would have never guessed that after she was born, They would grow sucha tight bond.  They met for the first time when Brooklynn was about 8 weeks old.  The bond was not instant, but it grew everyday from then on. He loved that little girl like she was his own, He did everything for her.    They played such silly little games, and he taught her so much.   LIke how to give some one a wet willy, And act like a monkey. No one could even hold a candle to RyRy in her eyes.  He turned her into a little chef, and they would cook all kinds of things.  He showed her off to everyone, He was such a proud uncle. She was the daughter he never had, And he was the father she was lacking at the time, Due to the war in Iraq.  He always called her His Stinky, And to this day the nickname remains.

Your going to build what????  
We were all so amazed when Ryan decided to start woodwokring, Me and mom had our doubts, we figured it wouldn't turn out quite right, Boy were we wrong.  Before long, Ryan had created the most unbelievable furniture, shelves, playhouses, and such from scratch, with no training, plans, or anything.  Maybe it was all the lego building he did as a young boy.  We will all cherish the things you made for us forever.
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